For who and why?

For who and why?
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For who?

Aromatherapy and Bach flowers are for everyone: seniors adults-adolescents-children, individuals or businesses and pets. There are several possibilities of using Bach Flowers. They will be beneficial for the whole family: children, pregnant women, animals, plants etc …

Aromatherapy must be practiced in a safe and personalized manner , especially in pregnant women and children and in agreement with the attending physician.


aromatherapy and Bach flowers provide you with simple, effective answers to many health and well-being issues: you will learn to relax , to reduce your stress , to manage your emotions , to find self-confidence , to find your bubble of good-being in a natural way .

Reactions to Bach flowers are different in different people: some will react by making amazing decisions, others will have awareness, unusual thoughts, have dreams or feel calmer, more relaxed. People may not notice anything in particular at first, so those around them will notice a change.
Bach flowers can be taken with any drug, homeopathic or other treatment, there is no risk of interference.

They do not represent any danger or risk of addiction.

With aromatherapy and Bach flowers, we can work and touch the following 3 spheres:

  • Physical Sphere
  • Psychological sphere
  • Subtle sphere

Aromatherapy, like Bach flowers, can be used to realign with ourselves.

It’s not the aromatherapy and the Bach flowers that are extraordinary, it’s you!

The person, the Human, is at the heart of these 2 approaches.