I am Hélène LÉCUYER, advisor in traditional aromatherapy and Bach flowers for all generations and pets for physical and mental well-being. I trained at the French Aromatherapy Federation .

I have always been drawn to aromatherapy and Bach flowers. I had a vague idea of ​​what essential oils and Bach flowers could do for me, but the reality far exceeded my expectations!

And then one day, I took the plunge and the result was a revelation:
Aromatherapy and Bach flowers have become obvious .

I deeply believe that personalized advice is the best solution to approach and meet the needs of the people who come to see me.
I work in collaboration with the medical profession if necessary in order to put the well-being of the person in priority.
The benefits are only better and the people I advise are much more fulfilled.
The follow-up is personalized, I systematically recontact each person to carry out an assessment of the advice and readjust it if necessary.
I carry out my advice in teleconsultations, by phone and at home according to the request.
The feedback is very positive and enthusiastic.
People are at the heart of care, this is why I now support those, young and old, in search of a new harmony and balance.
I exercise my profession with respect for the profession and I am subject to professional secrecy. In no case aromatherapy and Bach flowers are a substitute for medical treatment or any other clinical therapy.


In personalized advice, I help you find physical and psychic harmony with essential oils and Bach flowers, I help you realign yourself with yourself.

In the Workshop, I train you in the use of essential oils and Bach flowers with humility and in a safe manner. I share my experience with you and I pass on my passion to you.

f you are interested in this, I am at your disposal to discuss it further.